More Support for Clinical Trials

A grant of £5000 has been made to the Cambridge Cancer Trials Centre to support recruitment of patients to aid research. The Centre is already a partner of The Elizabeth Coteman Fund. Commenting on receipt of the grant, Dr Bristi Basu said: “Just to reiterate that the team are very grateful for the generous funding […]

North East of England Representative

Jen Patterson, who has been a major fundraiser for The Elizabeth Coteman Fund, has been appointed to the North East of England Cancer Network HPB (including pancreatic cancer) specialist group as a patient representative. Jen’s role will be to champion patient and carer issues, as well as liaise with clinical staff in the region and […]

The Elizabeth Coteman Fund will deliver the first integrated Regional Support Service for Pancreatic Cancer Patients

One of our key objectives for 2015 has already been met with the launch of a new, integrated regional service for families challenged by pancreatic cancer. Aimed at providing – ‘Support and Friendship for Individuals, Families and Carers living with, and beyond, Pancreatic Cancer’ – the new service brings together Maggie’s cancer support centre,  Macmillan […]

Elizabeth Coteman Fund to Provide Support in the North East

Following the great success of fundraising for the Fund in the north east of England we have decided that the generosity of people in that region should be recognised with benefits being made available local patients and families dealing with pancreatic cancer. Accordingly, grants, family support and advocacy will be available to local patients referred […]

Changing Role Reflects Growing Need

Our work is changing. The Fund continues to support the practical needs of families battling with pancreatic cancer through hardship payments, supporting the costs of clinical trials, respite care and meeting transport needs. But a greater proportion of our time is now spent supporting families with advice, information and advocacy as they come to terms […]

First Donation Boosts Cancer Support Group

The Elizabeth Coteman Fund made its first grant and immediately had an impact on those suffering from Pancreatic Cancer. Cambridgeshire based Acorn Cancer Support Group were recipients of the Fund’s first award. The Group, whose aim is to alleviate the physical and emotional distress of cancer patients and their carers, meets at Huntingdon, St Ives and Ramsey and provides […]

Patient Experience Research – Join in our Survey

2015 will see the beginning of our programme to gather more information about the health service experiences of patients and families as they battle with pancreatic cancer. A recent detailed analysis by Pancreatic Cancer UK showed that pancreatic cancer patients in England, on most fronts, still have a considerably poorer NHS experience than almost every other cancer […]

Fund to begin working with Maggie’s Wallace, Cambridge

The Elizabeth Coteman Fund has opened discussions with Maggie’s Wallace with a view to supporting the care and services provided to pancreatic cancer patients and their families. Maggie’s Wallace provides free practical, emotional and social support for people with cancer, their families, friends and carers in and around Cambridge. Located in the grounds of Addenbrooke’s hospital, […]

Volunteer Boost

Pancreatic cancer is such a brutal disease that it devastates families, most of whom have had no prior knowledge of it. But more and more of those who have watch loved ones die, often so quickly, before their eyes, are motivated to help in the fight to improve survival, diagnosis and treatment. The Elizabeth Coteman […]

Helpline support grows

Our ‘helpline’ service, which offers written, telephone or face to face contact with those whose loved ones have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and those who are bereaved, continues to provide support. Through our growing profile, and on the recommendation of clinical staff across the region, increasing numbers of people who need help, wish to […]