One of our main objectives is to offer grants or awards to patients, their families and/or carers, and for research related activity. Our policy is that the majority of the money we raise should go directly to support those affected by Pancreatic Cancer. Every grant application is viewed on its own merits.

The Fund offers grants in two separate areas:

Pancreatic Cancer Support

Small grants are made direct to those who have Pancreatic Cancer, or to their families or carers, where small amounts of money may make a difference – i.e. provision of respite care, help with expenses, special requests like a trip to the theatre, help with holidays, or for equipment. Where there is additional financial hardship, we will also pay expenses for advocates or those accompanying patients on trips to hospital. See examples of where we have helped patients and their families

In addition, some of our grants are made to small voluntary groups working with Pancreatic Cancer sufferers and families.

Pancreatic Cancer Research

Our policy on supporting research activity has two aims. Firstly, we will make awards to those taking part in clinical trials where there is a potential benefit to the patient as well as a contribution to the positive outcome of the trial. And, secondly, we will provide grants to groups or individuals involved in Pancreatic Cancer by funding expenses, meetings or publications. Our aim here is to support work in the ongoing battle to improve diagnosis, survival rates and treatment of Pancreatic Cancer. This part of the Fund’s work is already having a direct impact with our research partners, including Addenbrooke’s Hospital and the Cambridge Pancreatic Cancer Centre.

Download an application form

To apply for a grant you will need to complete an application form – make sure you send us the right form (there is one for general grants and one for clinical trials expenses) and send it to us by email at, or call our helpline on 01223 782171 if you have any queries.

Download our general grants application form

Download our trials expenses application form

Details on our Grant Policy can be found within our terms and conditions document which can be downloaded here.