Our mission is to improve survival rates and quality of life

for those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer.


About Us

We are a family-established fund, set up in memory of our beautiful wife and mother Elizabeth Coteman who sadly lost her battle with this dreadful disease in 2010. We are driven, as a family to help those sadly affected in whatever way we can.

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Advocacy, Befriending and Support

Those diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, along with their family and friends shouldn’t have to face this battle on their own. We are able to offer a telephone advice and support service, a face to face discussion, or advocacy on behalf of patients and families.

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The Elizabeth Coteman Fund is moving all of its grants funding to a new model, which will offer respite opportunities, gifts, and experiences for people and families financially affected by pancreatic cancer. Our partners, Something To Look Forward To, will manage this scheme (which is already in place) on our behalf. Our principal objective in making this change is to ensure that more people can benefit from these opportunities, and the chance to see some improvement to their quality of life.