Patient Experience Research – Join in our Survey

2015 will see the beginning of our programme to gather more information about the health service experiences of patients and families as they battle with pancreatic cancer. A recent detailed analysis by Pancreatic Cancer UK showed that pancreatic cancer patients in England, on most fronts, still have a considerably poorer NHS experience than almost every other cancer patient group.

Pancreatic cancer patients report longer waits for referral to hospital by GPs than any other cancer group and are almost twice as likely than any other cancer patient group to experience worsening health whilst waiting to be seen at hospital. Once in hospital, pancreatic cancer patients are less likely than any other cancer patient to feel that staff did everything they could to control pain.
We want to know more so that we can build a strong case for better treatment of patients and families who are struggling with this brutal disease.

If your family would like to take part (in confidence) email Gerald Coteman for details –