Record Number of Grants Made in 2017

Thousands more were made available in 2017 to individuals and families faced with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. We have also funded voluntary groups who support pancreatic cancer patients and carers. This increase in funding comes on the back of two important initiatives.
Firstly, our networks in the North East of England have enabled us to make our first grants in the Region. More than £10,000 (and counting) has been raised by our local activist, Jen Patterson, and these funds are beginning to find their way to individuals and families in need. Secondly, we have agreed a major new national partnership with Macmillan Cancer to establish a hardship fund, which will support struggling families coming to terms with a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
Most of our grants are aimed at meeting vital household requirements, where the onset of pancreatic cancer has led to loss of income, for new clothing where massive weight loss has led to a need for new and warmer items, and for respite breaks, to allow husband and wife, and sometimes children, to have one last, memorable weekend together.
Our grants programme is streamlined to ensure a ready response to requests for help, whist ensuring that a robust process is in place for governance purposes.