Waitrose Cambridge supports World Pancreatic Cancer Day

The Cambridge (Trumpington) branch of Waitrose helped to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer this month in partnership with The Elizabeth Coteman Fund, the region’s leading specialist pancreatic cancer support group.

Friday 13th November was World Pancreatic Cancer Day and the campaign saw the pancreatic cancer colour of purple being used world-wide to promote awareness of the ninth most common cancer and fifth biggest cancer killer. In Cambridge, The Elizabeth Coteman Fund joined Waitrose staff in-store to promote awareness and raise funds to support patients and their families battling with the disease. More support is needed for families in response to high mortality rates and a range of other statistics:

  • Average life expectancy on diagnosis 4-6 months
  • Five year survival rate only 3% – largely unchanged in 40 years!
  • Late diagnosis and limited treatment options
  • Hard to manage symptoms and stress
  • Research funding mismatch with mortality rate

The support services offered by The Elizabeth Coteman Fund respond to these challenges by:

  • Direct help for patients and families
  • 24/7 support where needed
  • Improving awareness and understanding
  • Supporting research
  • Working with the NHS to improve patient experience
  • Building an holistic approach to treatment and care

Nick Abell, Waitrose Manager at Trumpington, said they were delighted to be supporting a local charity in such a challenging area of cancer support. “We have a successful and ongoing record of supporting local community groups and this is another example of the store, and our staff, wanting to support good causes, ” he said.

Gerald Coteman for The Elizabeth Coteman Fund said they were delighted to be working with Waitrose to coincide with the main world awareness programme for pancreatic cancer.

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