Clinical Trials Support

A special funding programme is available from The Elizabeth Coteman Fund, which allows grants to be made to cover the expenses of those attending pancreatic clinical trials where there is financial hardship and the transport costs are significant. Some of those patients who are deemed appropriate to attend clinical trials travel long distances.

Our aim with this funding is twofold:

  • To help provide a further treatment option for those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that may improve survival and/or quality of life
  • To support the recruitment of patients to clinical trials where the cost of travel may prevent participation

The programme is available UK-wide and through one of our partner organisations, Pancreatic Cancer UK.

The team at the Cambridge Pancreatic Cancer Centre believe that getting more people who are diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer onto trials is the way forward to improve outcomes.

Dr Bristi Basu, Cancer Research UK Consultant Medical Oncologist, and a member of the team at the Cambridge Pancreatic Cancer Centre, works with The Elizabeth Coteman Fund to provide financial support to trials’ patients where this is needed.

“If we are to learn more about this challenging cancer, and improve diagnosis and treatment, we need to expand recruitment into clinical trials. We know that some people will find it difficult to attend trials due to the cost of travel and the decision by The Elizabeth Coteman Fund to support some of these people is a wonderful boost.” Dr Bristi Basu

Applications for funding under this scheme will normally be validated by hospital consultants or specialist nurses managing the relevant trial but we are happy to be contacted direct by patients or their families seeking more information – please email